Implement Chat GPT powered Site Search with PerceptivePanda in minutes, not months!

Here’s the 3-step process:

1. Upload your main website URL

2. Choose your preferred UX for the floating search icon (expands to a search box)

3. Connect your Slack if you want real-time notifications of when prospects are searching your site

The Benefits

1. Accurate search results: Chat GPT is a phenomenally good natural language processing model. It’s been trained on massive amounts of data. This makes it highly accurate in understanding prospect queries and returning relevant search results.

2. Natural language support: Chat GPT can understand and respond to natural language searches. This means your prospects can ask questions in a conversational way, rather than being restricted to specific keywords or phrases.

3. Improved user experience: Your prospects can get quick and accurate answers, rather than bouncing.

4. Continuous learning: Chat GPT is a machine learning model that can continuously learn and improve its accuracy over time as it is exposed to more data and user queries.